The Beauty and the Beasts

The Beauty and the Beasts
Living in Nairobi

This book recalls the memories of a young English businessman, who was not in the least interested in working in Africa, however the Corporation believed that his experience of working in a rough tough and hard to bluff industry made him the perfect candidate for the position in Nairobi, Kenya and they offered him a package that he could only imagine in his wildest dreams and the opportunity to move from a cold and wet English climate. With no more than a good gut feeling, he accepted the position little knowing that the decision he had just made, would change his life forever.

This fast paced easy to read book, takes the reader through the complete lifecycle of an expatriate living and working in Nairobi, from the excitement of getting to know a new country, to falling totally in love with it, and finally to the point where daily life-threatening situations bought me to realise that if I did not leave on an aeroplane seat, I would soon leave in a wooden box.

The books recalls the abject poverty, sickness and violence experienced when living in Nairobi, where every day there are an average of 10 car jackings and at least two people are shot to death by robbers and if you are lucky enough to escape being murdered, the Russian roulette of survival continues from the threat of being eaten alive or poisoned by African wildlife and vast array of fatal diseases which are rife in Kenya.

At the same time the book explains why it is easy to fall in love with the poor but kind and fun-loving people of Kenya and why a Long- term experience of living in Kenya will ensure that you look back at your time in Kenya with great fondness and the siren call of Africa will always remain in your blood and keep luring you back to one of the most beautiful country’s in the world.


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